Jesus is The Way. The Truth. The Life.

The Mission

The mission of University Community Church is to create a space where every single student at NMSU and every single person in Las Cruces feels like they BELONG (to a Jesus centered community), come to BELIEVE (in Jesus as Lord), and ultimately BECOME (the person God originally designed them to become). 

The Vision

The vision of University Community Church is to create a community of authentic believers who partner with God to transform our campus and our city by the life changing reality of the gospel.  We strive to do that as we come together as a community and then go out as ambassadors and missionaries.

Our Values

Although we take our mission and vision incredibly serious, we try hard to not take ourselves too serious!  We value being real, raw, honest and transparent about the highs and lows of this life and we seek to bring peace and joy into any and every relationship and situation.  We know that every church is unique and has it's own "flavor", and we are no different. We understand that we won't please every person or be a great "fit" for everyone looking for a church but our goal is to be the best church we can be and to please The Lord in all that we do. We agree to disagree on a lot of things but we always keep Jesus Christ and him crucified at the center of all we do.

Connect with us

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